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Things I am Thankful For!

Originally titled: 30 Days of Thanksgiving and tied in with a blog hop, I simply could not delete this whole page.  ( Even though the blog hop is over)  I have also left the links at the bottom of this page.


             I am thankful for my beautiful daughter, Brandi.  She has come a long way in her
                journey, and she loves the Lord with all her heart.  She is the most awesome daughter
                any mom could ask for! Thank you Jesus for giving me my baby girl!  ♥


   I am thankful for my awesome grandchildren:   Rachael 17, Travis 12,    
                 Samantha:14, and Michael:7

 Lord bless every one of them! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

   I am thankful for my husband. Even though I could be working outside of the house...and we have tons of student loans...he is supportive of my dream to be a writer. Without this support, I'd have to cram my writing time into small bits of time between work and all the daily things that need to be done.  Thank you Lord, for a husband who believes my dreams are just as important as his!
And since he hates having his picture taken, and is equally against posting any of his photos are a few I came up with. (yes, many of our photos look like this
Circa: 2003


  I am thankful for my jeep. Thank you Lord for a trustworthy vehicle to get me anywhere I need to go! (and gas money too!) 


   I am actually thankful for my washer and dryer and (don't faint) my iron!!
 After shopping yesterday for a dress and a few new outfits for our trip to San Diego next week...everything needed to be washed, dried and ironed.  Imagine living in place where women have to beat their clothes on a rock - in the river - with cold water- and NO fabric softener!! ACK! So yes, I am thankful for modern conveniences, and that I can wash my clothes right here at home, in the warm house, with hot, running water.

  Thank you Lord for my clothes, and the way in which I am able to keep them clean!


   I am thankful for the sunshine peeking through on the way home from my daughter's house.  The whole day was gloomy and windy and gray, but the ride home reminded me of the hope of another bright day as the sun appeared between the clouds, reminding me that some day,
the SON will appear for his people!


 I am thankful for my dear friend Mary Leta.  Even though she has been with the Lord since 1994, there is rarely a day I don't think about her.  You see, when I was a non-believer, she took her time and prayed for me for 3 years!!!  She never gave up on me!!  We had a fantastic friendship while our kids were growing up, and we went through many highs and lows together, always lifting one another in prayer, and many many times, prayed together for everything and anything.  I don't even know where I'd be if it wasn't for her precious prayers...  I am so thankful for her and her unwavering faith.  And some day, I know without a doubt, I will see her again and will put my arms around her and thank her for introducing me to my savior. 


 I'm thankful for my DVR.  I know, that sounds dumb, but hey, I can't miss my favorite shows just because I'm out of town!! (some of my favs are Vampire Diaries, Fringe, and The Good Wife)  Remember the old days when you had to set up your VCR and half of the time it didn't work right? Yeah. 


 I am thankful for vacations!

Bahia Resort Hotel in San Diego

I am thankful for a safe trip, for being able to see my family, being able to finally see the Pacific Ocean, and to be able to witness a beautiful wedding!  The weather (except for the rain on the wedding day) was beautiful.  
If you're interested in seeing photos, see my face book page...there are a bunch!
Thank you Lord, for a great trip!  (I took this photo with my cell phone!)



  1. aww Mommy! What a way to begin my day! :) I have tears in my eyes, a smile on my lips and a lightness in my heart (which I haven't felt in a while) Thank you mom! I LOVE you! xoxo

  2. Hi Sharon - I'm so glad you joined us. Being thankful for your lovely daughter is a wonderful way to begin a month of Thanksgiving.


  3. Hi Dear Momma! I missed yesterdays until just now. I smiled of course because I love how you are the world's best grammy too! But then I felt a pang of sadness because there are three grandchildren of yours not there. I guess it goes to show how you can be thankful for what you have despite the loss and pain life brings us!
    Then I chuckled at the pics of dad! haha! So perfect! :)
    Love you! I CAN'T wait to see you tomorrow and go shopping for our trip!!! xoxo

  4. Dear Daughter...I actually toyed with the idea of putting a photo up of the three I don't get to see...
    I feel a pang of sadness every time I think of "how many" grandchildren I really have...but someday...I know I will meet them. One thing that no one can stop me from doing for them right now, is to pray for them daily...for protection, for good health, and for their eyes to be open to the love of Jesus. One day they will know how much this grammy loves them, just like I love all my babies.
    xoxo see you soon xoxo ♥

  5. I wish there was a giant like button haha... I've been taken over by facebook! This made me smile and laugh and nearly cry. Don't worry Grams! <3 <3 <3
    The only way things can go after hitting rock bottom is up! (:

  6. I loved reading your thankful list...the tribute to your friend was beautiful!

  7. Thanks for all the comments everyone! Love you Brandi and Rachael!!

    And, Joan and Karen, thanks for following my blog!

    I've followed your back! :)


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